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လုံခြုံစိတ်ချ မှန်ကန် မြန်ဆန် SMIDB Bank

Other Services

Performance Bank Guarantee

SMIDB introduced Performance Bank Guarantee Service at August, 2014.The customer can apply that service by filling the application form together with the personal or organization signed contract agreement letter which concern with the applicant. Cash or other insurance (current account, savings account) must be submitted with sufficient balance. On the issued Bank Guarantee paper, there will be displayed the insurance amount form the bank side and the period of time for that.

Gift Cheque

SMIDB Bank introduces Gift Cheque, one of the best service for valuable bank’s customer. Customers can give the Wedding Present, Birthday Present, Honor Present or all kind of present gift to their precious person via Gift Cheque, safe and standard way instead of cash. Minimum K(5000/-) Gift Cheque can be available at all branches of Small and Medium Industrial Development Bank. Bank takes K(500/-) per Gift Cheque as service charges.

Share Property

As the public bank, shares of SMIDB available with K(550,000) per unit. The person who have above 10 units of the bank’s share, have a great chance to be chosen as the Director.

Online Card Payment Service

Using SMIDB’s MPU Card will help you Online shopping, a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. It’s free, swift and can be done at the convenience to your home/workplace or anywhere there you can access internet.
From now on SMIDB’s E-commerce Registered MPU Card holders can use the transactions (buying things or billing etc) from using with following websites or application.