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လုံခြုံစိတ်ချ မှန်ကန် မြန်ဆန် SMIDB Bank


Online Card Payment Service

Using SMIDB’s MPU Card will help you Online shopping, a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. It’s free, swift and can be done at the convenience to your home/workplace or anywhere there you can access internet.
From now on SMIDB’s E-commerce Registered MPU Card holders can use the transactions (buying things or billing etc) from using with following websites or application.

No. Merchant Name Website Name
1 Myanmar Soft-Gate Technology Co.,Ltd
2 Myanmar Soft-Gate Technology Co.,Ltd (Topup) 
3 MyanPay Co.,Ltd
4 EasyBills
5 EasyBills Topup
6 1-STOP 
7 2c2p(Myanmar)Company Limited -
8 Booking Min Co.,Ltd
9 B & F Company 
10 Ignite Technology Group
11 2C2P Charity Fund
12 All Myanmar Booking.Com
13 Quest Co.Ltd
14 528 Gold Technology Company Limited
15 OWay (Myanmar's Largest Online Travel Agency)
16 EzyMM Online Shopping
17 Eushido
18 Plus Me Company Ltd
19 i House
20 Myanmar Online Sales 
21 FLY MYA Travels & Tours 
22 Myanmar Hla Aung Co.Ltd 
23 Myanmars.Net 
24 Information Technology For All
25 Myanmar Music Network(Green Art & Development)
26 Yangon Trade Connections
27 Myanmar Golden Image Travels & Tours
28 MT & K Tourism Co.,Ltd
30 Air KBZ
31 ABC Cyber Media Co.,Ltd 
32 Just Hype Company Limited 
33 Internal Revenue-Department
35 Myanmar National Airlines
36 One-Stop