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လုံခြုံစိတ်ချ မှန်ကန် မြန်ဆန် SMIDB Bank

Retail Banking

Saving Deposit Account

Savings Deposit Account, Save for your future!

Savings Deposit

Account Opening

Individual Account , Two or more person Joint Account or Company / Association Account can be opened. Minor Account, Religious, Social, Economic Account and Trust Account can be opened with initial deposit of 5000 Kyats. Initial deposit of 5000 kyats is required.

Saving Interest Rate

Our interest rate on saving deposits is 8.5% per annum calculated on your balance on the fifth day of each month and the interest due will be added to your balance quarterly.

Saving Passbook and Withdraw

Saving passbook will be given to every customer who opened Saving Deposit Account. These Passbook must be bring whenever do the transactions, deposit or withdraw the saving Account. Representative person accept if Account owner cannot come to the bank by self.

Linking between Saving and Current Accounts

We have a facility for your convenience : a system of linkage between your saving and current accounts. The advantage of the system is that if your withdrawal amount exceeds your balance of saving account, your current deposit will automatically supplement the necessary amount.

Customer Service

Our customers can make transaction (deposit/withdrawal) at any SMIDB’s branches. SMIDB offers transport service to our valued customers.


Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

♦ 1 -month fixed deposit                  9.00% pa
♦ 3 -month fixed deposit                  9.25% pa
♦ 6 -month fixed deposit                  9.50% pa
♦ 9 -month fixed deposit                  9.75% pa
♦ 12-month fixed deposit                 10.00% pa

Fixed Deposit Account can be opened by durations. There is no interest when the deposit has been withdraw before it has successfully matured.

Current Account

Account Opening

♦ Individual Account
♦ Joint (two or more persons) Account
♦ Company/ Association Account

We have a facility for your convenience: there can be opened one or more account for your other company or association if necessary. Initial deposit of 1000 kyats is required.