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လုံခြုံစိတ်ချ မှန်ကန် မြန်ဆန် SMIDB Bank

Credit Facilities

  • Commercial Loan Focus on SMEs           12% (p.a)

  • SME Policy Loan           8.5% (p.a)

Hire Purchase

  • 1-year           9 %

  • Above 1-year           13%

Starting from financial year 2013-2014, the Bank has introduced its Hire Purchase facility by appointing the following companies as its agents:

Agent Company
1 First Pillar Co., Ltd
2 Diamond Auto Service Co., Ltd
3 United Diamond Motor Co., Ltd
4 Aung Thein Than Service Co., Ltd
5 Standard International Trading Co., Ltd
6 Moon Princess
7 Farmer Choice Tractor